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AIDA64 v4.70 is released

AIDA64 - 10/07/2014

The latest stable update comes with support for Windows 10 and several additional external displays

Today FinalWire has announced the immediate availability of AIDA64 v4.70, which offers support for a large number of external displays to help users keep an eye on the status of their PC components at all times. All four editions of the portfolio have been updated to the new version, including the award-winning PC diagnostic and benchmarking tool, AIDA64 Extreme, as well as the company's flagship IT asset management solution for business customers, AIDA64 Business. The new update introduces support for the recently released Windows 10 and Windows Server 2015 technical previews as well.

Besides the devices previously supported, AIDA64 can now directly visualize sensor values on further 33 LCD, VFD and OLED display families, including parallel and serial port connected panels. The developers have also improved on the way the software handles monochrome and Razer SwitchBlade UI devices. The new edition provides CUDA 6.5, Mantle and OpenGL 4.5 information for the latest AMD and NVIDIA graphics accelerators, and supports several new SSD devices, too.

The ability to display hardware monitoring information on external displays is a popular and unique AIDA64 feature, that is why we have been working hard to implement support for even more devices in the latest release. Even when running applications in full screen, users can now monitor the overall health of their system, including temperatures, clock speeds, utilization, fan speeds and voltages, on practically every widely-used external display out there”, said Tamás Miklós, CEO and lead developer of FinalWire.

New features & improvements

  • Support for new LCD and VFD devices: Acer Idea 500, Adafruit, Aquaero, AX206, BWCT, CH424, Crystalfontz, ct-Mausekino, Cwlinux, Dangerous Prototypes HD44780, Futaba DM-140GINK, Futaba MDM166A, GLCD2USB, IkaLogic, LCDInfo USB13700, LCDInfo USBD480, LPT, Matrix Orbital LK RS232, Matrix Orbital GLK RS232, Odroid-Show, Phidget, picoLCD, POS, Pyramid, Roccat Valo, Samsung SPF, SoundGraph iMon LCD, SpikenzieLabs MPTH, Sure Electronics, Trefon, USB2LCD+, Wallbraun LUI, Yoctopuce
  • Support for Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview and Windows Server 2015 Technical Preview
  • Advanced support for Razer SwitchBlade UI LCD
  • Support for LGA2011-v3 motherboards
  • CUDA 6.5, OpenGL 4.5 support
  • AData SP610, AData SP910, Corsair Force LX, Corsair Neutron, Corsair Neutron GTX, OCZ Arc 100, Seagate 600, SanDisk Extreme Pro, SanDisk X300s SSD support
  • GPU details for AMD Radeon R9 285
  • GPU details for NVIDIA GeForce 900 Series

Since last November, the AIDA64 product family has included three business editions and a home edition. The company's flagship offering is AIDA64 Business, which had been enhanced to offer hardware monitoring and diagnostic functionality, while a new, dedicated network inventory solution called AIDA64 Network Audit is also available, for a lower license fee. Designed for corporate engineers and IT technicians, AIDA64 Engineer now comes with new expert tools not available in AIDA64 Extreme, the home edition of the software.

Pricing and Availability

AIDA64 editions are available as free 30-day trials, which can be downloaded from here. The international distributor of the AIDA64 product family is ABSEIRA Ltd. Pricing information is available on the "Prices" page.