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Used by millions of PC enthusiasts around the world, AIDA64 is a system information tool, the professional edition of which can make a detailed hardware and software inventory of the company network while supporting PC fleet management with remote services.

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AIDA64, one of the world's most popular PC diagnostic tool arrives on Android


AIDA64 v5.00 is released


Monitor your PC using your smart phone or tablet! More...

AIDA64 v4.70 is released


The latest stable update comes with support for Windows 10 and several additional external displays More...

FinalWire releases AIDA64 v4.60


The latest update offers support for a wide range of external LCD and VFD displays More...

FinalWire launches AIDA64 v4.50


The latest update comes with a new GPGPU benchmark and support for DDR4 memory modules