Product comparison

AIDA64 for home,ExtremeAIDA64EngineerAIDA64Network AuditAIDA64Business
Commercial use    
Hardware analysis    
Software & Windows details    
Overclock information    
System Stability Test    
Monitor Diagnostics    
CPU, memory, disk benchmarks    
Hardware monitoring
Sensor monitoring    
Sensor logging and alerting    
OSD Panel & Desktop Gadget    
External LCD and VFD support    
Uptime & downtime statistics    
Network audit
Command-line automation    
CSV & XML reporting    
SQL database output    
Software audit with File Scanner    
Remote features
Graphical remote control    
Remote user monitoring    
Remote disk health monitoring    
Remote virus database monitoring    
Automatic remote reporting    
Corporate features
Network alerts    
Audit Manager    
Change tracking    
Engineer features
ACPI Browser, DRAM Timings    
Logical processors support128640640640